How do I counsel?

I am a down-to-earth counsellor who actively listens and genuinely cares

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I think unicorns are beautiful, but I don't believe in them and am not going to try and convince you to, either. I believe you are smart enough to know platitudes when you hear them. "I know you'll be fine," and "Look on the bright side!" are not helpful to a person who is suffering, especially when those statements fail to take into consideration the full complexity of what's going on.


What helps is a good connection with a counsellor who really gets you and cares, someone who has knowledge in the areas you want to discuss and who will be real with you about it all.


Yes, I have three degrees, graduated summa cum laude as top student in my university program, and I have won awards. Yes, I can do cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), mindfulness, narrative therapy and emotionally focused therapy. I’ve even got letters after my name. However, I believe that none of that is what matters for you. What matters is building a counselling relationship that you can use to deal with what you need. 

I truly care about the people I help. It’s not uncommon for a current or even a long ago client, to get a message from me asking how they’re doing or sharing a little something I learned that pertains to them. I remember people and their stories and I try to thoughtfully take time to share little nuggets of wisdom even years after we end our formal relationship. I’m also happy when people send me updates about their lives, even if they’re off flying on their own.


Clients tell me I'm very good at what I do. What do you think? Should we give it a try?

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Client Feedback
  • " Meghan is approachable and friendly. She listens without judging and offers practical feedback that can be applied right away. I was feeling better after our first meeting together, but then found I... "

    5 Stars

  • " Thank you for making such great strides with (name withheld). You are the first counsellor she actually related well to. I really appreciate your help and will definitely re-refer if we run into diffi... "

    5 Stars

  • " Just wanted to say thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance. It is helping me so much! I think you are knowledgeable about PTSD in a way that I haven't experienced before with therapists. I h... "

    5 Stars

  • " I went (to see Meghan) with the intention of going for couples counselling. I was under a lot of stress at work with my role at work was changing and was also having communication problems at home wi... "

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