What My Clients Are Saying About Me

Customer feedback is a crucial part of my practice. It develops trust with new clients and helps me improve as a counsellor. Please take a few moments to anonymously share your feedback about working with me.

"Thank you for making such great strides with (name withheld). You are the first counsellor she actually related well to. I really appreciate your help and will definitely re-refer if we run into difficulties again. In an often thankless world, please know that you made a positive difference in our lives. "
5 Stars
"Just wanted to say thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance.  It is helping me so much!  I think you are knowledgeable about PTSD in a way that I haven't experienced  before with therapists. I have faith and I know I will get through this better in the long run.  See you in a couple weeks. "
5 Stars
"It really means a lot to me your guidance and encouragement you are one in a million...truly!!"
5 Stars
"Thank you for asking about my relationship with (name withheld).  It has prompted me to think of some very important things that I am thankful for.  You are good at what you do!   Thanks!"
5 Stars
"You've been helping WONDERS I wanted you to know also. Wish I could have you with us 24/7 lol!"
5 Stars
"Meghan Onlock is a rare gem amongst counsellors. Not only is she well educated and
experienced, but she also has a heart of gold. She is one of the most sincere, down to earth,
humorous and empathetic counsellors that I've met over the years, and I've met a lot on my
road to recovery. I've experienced unspeakable trauma in my history, including incest, domestic
violence, and addiction. I really was a broken spirit when I met Meghan, despite the counselling
I'd already had. I wasn't able to work. My relationships were all in tatters. I made horrible life
choices. But Meghan helped me move beyond that and believe in myself again. I found a life
worth living through my talks with her.

As I said, I've had a lot of therapy in the last two decades. Something was missing from my
previous therapeutic relationships, and I think it was heart. Meghan really cares. It is the icing
on the cake. She knows her stuff, too, but knowledge isn't enough to help a patient heal, in my opinion. I think that love is the necessary ingredient in a therapeutic relationship, especially
when you've dealt with so much abandonment, abuse and betrayal. I needed someone I could
count on, who would be honest, gentle, compassionate, caring, unbiased, and help find a way back from the hurt to a place of healing.

My journey has been decades in the making. In the past, I've been told by doctors that my
PTSD was so bad I probably wouldn't get better, that I would never be able to work again.
Meghan didn't accept that. She helped me believe that I could get better, and not just survive
but thrive. I have such gratitude and respect for this amazing woman. I have always felt she was
on my side. I never have felt judged. I have only found support and healing in her company.

Today, I am a fully actualized woman. I have a career. I believe in myself. I honestly believe
that I couldn't have done it without Meghan. She really is special. If you're hurting, take a
chance on her. I don't regret one moment on the journey I've taken with this amazing woman! "
5 Stars
"I went (to see Meghan) with the intention of going for couples counselling. I was under a lot of
stress at work with my role at work was changing and was also having communication problems at home with my partner. I was under a lot of stress.

I have had counselling in the past but Meghan was the first social worker I had gone to. I found Meghan to be very easy to speak with and to listen to. She was very forward with her questions and made it easy to understand what
she was asking and her advice was very easy to understand. She shared some of her own
personal stories which made her very real and she had great insight into my problems. She
never sugar coated anything however I always felt safe and accepted. I was able to understand
myself better and figure out why I reacted the way I did. Meghan used some great symbolism
to help me understand how we care for each other and how we relate to others.

I also appreciated being able to text her and not have to talk to an answering machine and play
phone tag. She was also very good at winding down the therapy session/wrapping it up so that
you were calm and prepared to leave.  However, I never felt rushed and I know she sometimes
went overtime to ensure that I was emotionally calm and safe before I left...she made sure there
was a type of closure before the session was over. 

I would and I have recommended Meghan to my coworkers and I am even going forward with more counselling to try to understand myself and why I do the things I do a little better."
5 Stars
"I started visiting with Meghan in May of 2013 I believe. I have worked with her as required throughout the last year. I always feel very comfortable reaching out to her and I am confident she will always be there for me. I was referred to Meghan through the EAP program that was available to me through my employer. I was going through a separation which was the most difficult emotional situation of my life. Right from the first visit with Meghan, I was confident that she was empathetic, understood my situation, was going to be able assist me with navigating my way through the pitfalls of separation, divorce, custody settlements and the emotional challenges of all these life challenges.

Without my open and honest discussions with Meghan I would have no doubt made poor choices in my life out of emotion that I would have come to regret. Meghan was able to offer me up the resources to read and listen to which also enabled me to make good choices and begin my healing process. Meghan brought humour to our discussions which was very important to me. She enabled me to exercise humility, brought out a self deprecating aspect in my personality which was important for me and I greatly appreciated this aspect to our discussions.

Meghan's experience with family counselling was evident from day one of our discussions and her anecdotal stories, rather than telling me what to do was very much appreciated!!!

I would have difficulty explaining how important the counselling I received from Meghan was to my emotional well being through a testimonial. I continue to grieve, but I am healing and Meghan is a huge part of me having the emotional intelligence to be able to sit with uncomfortable feelings and manage my personal life!!!

I was advised by EAP when I started utilizing the service to not feel bad about switching counsellors until I found the right fit for me. Meghan was the right fit for me. Every time I met with Meghan, I did not want our time to end and when our time did end, it ended with a hug : )"
5 Stars
"Meghan's experience and thorough knowledge base in treating childhood anxiety has been invaluable in assisting my adolescent daughter through a very challenging time. 

Meghan's ability to easily establish a rapport with my daughter put me at instant ease, and her suggested resources to enhance my own skill-building at home through the process was exactly what I needed to feel a part of the solution. In light of some experiences we've had with other counsellors, Meghan was the first one my daughter felt she could really open up to and expose her vulnerabilities. This has been so essential in working through the core issues surrounding her anxiety.

Meghan has often gone above and beyond the call of duty; connecting with my daughter after hours and on weekends and checking in with me during known anxiety-provoking events for my daughter. I am thrilled that we have found such a caring and warm individual for counselling and I feel that Meghan's Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) expertise and dedication to client success has, and continues to have, a lasting impact on my daughter's life. I will be forever grateful to Meghan for her role in our lives."
5 Stars
"What I was looking for...the voice of reason? What was i not seeing in my own behaviour or
worry or stress that was causing me to spend nights in a corner of my office, when the rest of
the family was sleeping..or unproductive days while being alone...falling apart like a child...how
could i let go of trying to control everything? "How “ could I accept the things i could not change?!?

It is hard for me to express in words, the level of comfort that I was able to feel while in
Meghan’s presence. As a counsellor, she has this way of becoming your best friend. Someone
with whom you can entrust your deepest emotions, without fear of embarrassment or ridicule.

I am always excited to spend time with her, because I know that no matter how difficult my
insides are twisted, there will be a calm and reassuring voice ready and willing to unravel
them…! !

I am so thankful for the peace that ooooozes out of this woman! I have walked into her office
many times, depressed and helpless, and walked out lightened from my burdens…. not fully
cured, but able to better understand why I am where I am in my feelings.! !

Understanding my situation has helped me work through difficult moments when I am alone and
vulnerable, and it’s all due to Meghan’s advice and guidance.! !

I thank you Meghan. Sincerely. You have given me tools to heal and I look forward to spending
some amazing quality time with you again."
5 Stars
"Meghan is approachable and friendly. She listens without judging and offers practical feedback
that can be applied right away. I was feeling better after our first meeting together, but then
found I didn't want our meetings to end!"
5 Stars
"As a counsellor, Meghan is warm and easy to talk to. As we worked through the issues I was
struggling with, I appreciated that she validated me, supported me, and guided me through my
concerns without trying to solve my problems for me. I’ve had one counsellor previous to
Meghan, and what I especially liked about Meghan’s counselling was the extra resources,
particularly books, she was able to draw upon and suggest for me to read to supplement my
conversations with her. Meghan was incredibly helpful to me through a difficult period. I feel
very fortunate to have had her in my life, and I would recommend her counseling to anyone
who needs a thoughtful, open-minded, caring person to lean on through a difficult time"
5 Stars
"Meghan is not only a good counselor who will help you get through whatever life throws at you,
she’s also a life coach who will help you craft your future."
5 Stars
"There are therapists, and then there are excellent and effective therapists. Meghan Onlock is
one of the latter. I experienced relief and hope from my first meeting with this unusually
compassionate, wise and perceptive person. I truly felt listened to and understood, and her
calming presence relaxed me. Meghan didn't impose her own viewpoint on me, but rather
helped me to sort out and find solutions to issues; I had many "AHA" moments. I also gained
tools to deal with ongoing problems and to shape my life. Meghan helped me with both
relationship issues and life problems. I was fortunate to find a therapist of her calibre."
5 Stars