Doctors and Nurse Practitioners

Why would doctors or NPs want to connect patients with me?

  • Make referrals with confidence to a counsellor whose work you know and value
  • Peace of mind as your patients are connected with excellent counselling support
  • Eliminate follow-through issues common to depression, anxiety, and adhd by using my referral feature
  • Collaboration where counselling supports and respects, rather than undermines, the care you have already given and continue to provide

How this feature works

To use my convenient referral system simply enter patient contact information below and click to indicate consent for sharing. You may then indicate whether I am to follow up with the patient or if they will contact me. As follow-through is often difficult for people suffering from anxiety, depression or ADHD, there is also an option to book an appointment immediately.

Contact Me

I am happy to meet with you to discuss my practice and how I approach my work with clients. I believe good rapport between physicians, nurse practitioners and mental health counsellors benefits all of us as it allows you to make confident referrals to a practitioner you have some familiarity with and it creates continuity of care when you know who your patients are seeing for counselling support.